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Well-being: Stress Anxiety, Depression & Irritability

Sleep Issues: Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Fatigue & Insomnia

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A Pulse



• 2 hours one to one Buteyko training taught by Ciaran McKeown with ample time for questions and answers

• A personalised plan for you to incorporate within your day based on your ability and needs

• Access to the complete Buteyko Clinic online course (incl. e-book, videos and audio) for lifetime use

• Affordable personal training: HKD1650

• Learn the Buteyko breathing method together with CBT in 3 one to one  two hour sessions taught by Ciaran McKeown

•Flexible booking rescheduling

•Notes provided after each session

•Access to the complete Buteyko Clinic online course (incl. e-book, videos and audio) for lifetime use

•Pay as you use: You only need to pay for 1 session at a time @HKD1550

• 60 minutes one to one Buteyko training taught by Ciaran McKeown for students who have learnt Buteyko in the past either through practitioner taught programmes or self-study resources 

• Specific guidance in practising the method and establishing a routine

• Access to the complete Buteyko Clinic online course (incl. e-book, videos and audio) for lifetime use

• Affordable personal training: HKD1150

About the practitioner:

Ciaran McKeown <br>BA, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, FBPI

Ciaran McKeown
BA, MA Counselling & Psychotherapy, FBPI

Ciaran McKeown learnt Buteyko in the early 2000s as a way of managing his asthma and anxiety. Impressed by the efficacy of the method he worked with his brother Patrick McKeown to incorporate it into his breath work training and therapy sessions for over 15 years. During this time he has taught students with a diverse range of abilities and needs through voluntary and paid classes.

A registered counsellor and Samaritans volunteer, Ciaran believes that to be a good teacher, personal experience matters just as much as professional proficiency. He says that both are what enable you to relate to your students and find solutions that fit them.

For new students to the Buteyko method, particularly those who suffer from anxiety, he advises that they experiment with the exercises and treat the techniques as being a way to discover their breath rather than be overly demanding of themselves. At least for the first couple of weeks. This is why he prescribes every student with a unique plan.

What is Ciaran up to now? He currently teaches students and practitioners through one to one online and face to face classes.

Talk to Ciaran about which class is best for you.
Phone: 64381273
Monday to Thursday 3-4 p.m. (Hong Kong Only) or WhatsApp us anytime.


These sessions are for any candidates wishing to learn the Buteyko breathing method and/or CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in ways that are completely tailored to their needs

Classes are held throughout Hong Kong, currently, we are teaching on Peng Chau Island. Please see the map below.

At the moment we are currently running private sessions only.

Yes, breathable masks will be provided and the intensity of the exercises -like all of our Buteyko training sessions- will be practised at your pace. We have over 20 years of experience teaching Buteyko breathing exercises to varied ability student groups.

Yes, you may change your class time and date at our dedicated page here, however, please let us know at least one week in advance.

The Buteyko breathing method is a series of exercises that retrains your breathing so that your breathing is continually: Effortless, slow and gentle, that it is nasal, driven by your diaphragm with your mouth closed and with a correct tongue posture. And finally that there is a natural pause after each exhalation.

Nasal diaphragmatic breathing influences the parasympathetic nervous system known as the rest and digestion state. It is shown to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It is also proven to lower heart rates and blood pressure. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that it prevents the onset of hyperventilation and lessens fight or flight symptoms and mast cell degranulation.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is considered to be the gold standard treatment in mental health/well-being improvement. It posits that outside of real threats or loss it is repetitive negative thoughts that can contribute to anxiety, depression, irritability and other distressing emotions. CBT seeks to address this unhelpful thinking by analysing and changing thought patterns.

Although notes will be provided you may find it useful to bring a notebook and a pen.

When your class is finished we will email you your session notes and provide you with lifetime access to Buteyko Clinic’s Online Resources.

What do our students say about our Buteyko training?

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