Life and Thoughts

Choose life on a moment to moment basis. Keep asking yourself over and over again: are you wrapped up in thoughts or are you connecting with the reality of what is going on around you? It is that simple.

 The past is exactly where it is – in the past. There is little you can do to change it. Thoughts are imagined as if they are real, but they are not real at all. Thoughts are stale. They are based on past conditioning and programs. But life is fluid, ever-changing.

It is easier to build up your awareness by stilling the mind when things are going right for you. When life is running smoothly, make it a continued practise to observe your thoughts and bring complete attention to the present moment, feel your inner body by following your breath. The more you do this, the easier it is when things are not running so smoothly.

You are not one with life if all of your attention is in your head. You are missing out on life and all that it is has to offer. Look at many of the people around you. You will see how caught up they are in their heads, thinking about the past or future and seldom having their attention in the now. Life is not a collection of thoughts.

Allow life to help you through life. Don’t be constantly worried and afraid of whatever situation or event may unfold. Have trust in life and life will look after you.

Your job is to let life live through you. You enable this when you merge with your inner body or follow your breath. Your job is to live life, not to live in a collection of thoughts in your head. Living in your thoughts is living a life divorced from life.

Let go of the wheel of life

In a sense, when we first let go of thought, we feel as if we are abandoning control. Society, education and other factors have conditioned us into believing that we always need to be thinking. The belief is that if we stop thinking, everything that we have ever accumulated or strived for will come tumbling down around us. The belief is that our relationships will fall apart, our kids will go wild, our finances will dwindle.

If you are bored in your job, can you view it differently? Can you approach it without feeling that it is boring? Can you look at your wife or husband without seeing the negativity that you have run through your mind over the past few months or years? Gently take back control of your mind. Watch your breath, feel your inner body, reduce your breathing. Do this for pockets of a few minutes many times throughout the day. Especially do it while you are watching TV, driving your car, waiting in line at the post office, walking down the street, exercising, in bed at night. The more often you incorporate it into your life, the more you will continue with it.

 It is you that stops yourself. See what life really provides you, as this will be far better than what is developed through a collection of thought. If you made a decision to choose life, then you would not choose thought. How will you know if it is working? Quite simply, you will know by how you feel. You will feel alive and feel free.