What is Good mental health



1. Having good mental health makes it much it much easier to have a happier life, where you can find and do what you love.

2. This can be achieved by learning and applying strategies to deal with your thoughts, emotions and actions.

3. While there is some unavoidable suffering in life, most of our suffering is self-created: We are anxious, angry and depressed with things that have already happened, things that we think may happen, or things that don’t really matter at all. Mental health improvement is about reducing this.

4. To lessen this suffering we begin by accepting that we as humans are fallible, therefore our thoughts and emotions should not be taken as always being factual guides to life. We are often wrong about things. That’s okay. Other people are wrong too, we can be empathetic towards them and ourselves. This insight allows us to employ the necessary tools to strengthen our mental health.

5. If you strengthen your mental health, it won’t only be you who benefits, everyone close to you, the most important people in your life will benefit too.